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From 2001
Preformati Italia is synonymous with Quality.

Preformati Italia is the first company born in Italy in the sector of the production of self-supporting modular structures in certified EPS.

We are aninnovative and dynamic company that has set itself with professionality and extreme reliability in the wellness field, with highly qualified staff and an operative structure that is in the continuous expansion (today the factory has a surface of 2000 square meters) so able to face important works with big dimensions without any problem.

We are the first company born in Italy for the production of EPS SYSTEM self -supporting modular prefabricated structures made of high-density self-extinguishing sintered expanded polystyrene , smoothed and reinforced with fiberglass fabric.

With an experience started in 2001, until now we have acquired and enlarged our knowledge and skills with a never-ending study of the technical and architectural issues, in a field in rapid development as one of wellness, pools and water parks.

This experience gave us the opportunity to face and resolve without worries the complicated process that leads to the realization of a wellness center or a pool, proposing new solutions that allow satisfying the customer requests, increasingly targeted to characterize spaces to make them unique.

Each element of a wellness center can be customized starting from the versatility of a material such as the expanded polystyrene

We can customize hot tubs, steam baths, hammam, heated benches, Kneipp paths and every element of a wellness center starting from the versatility of a material such as AirpopTM engineered air which, with its peculiarities, is able to offer optimal performances in all terms. The result will be the creation of amazing spaces by the use of innovative and technologically advanced solutions and with an attention that goes down to the smallest detail.

Today there are a lot of national and international companies in the wellness, pool and beauty field that cater to Preformati Italia, that in a semi-industrial regime is able to guarantee in a short time a certified, innovative and high-quality product.


Preformati Italia® starts form the desire of pursuing innovation throughout consolidated craft skills

together with the use of high-performance materials as EPS (EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE) applied to the world of water and wellness. These ingredients, meeting the world of architecture and design, transform a professional’s insight into a finished product of quality and value, able to exceed the limits imposed by traditional building techniques.


Preformati Italia®’s team today is composed of about 20 people between employees and external collaborators. Their average age is just over 30 years old. Most of them are with us since the opening of the company and this makes us particularly proud.

Since 2009 Preformati Italia® is associated with Assopiscine (, the Italian Pool Builders Association.

It represents the natural reference point for all the industry professionals in Italy. Join Assopiscine means to become part of the biggest and most important trade association of the category and also acquire a high knowledge of the market by regular meetings with the main manufacturers and sector distributors.