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Custom steam baths and cabins with free or linear shapes? Classic or modern style?

Preformati Italia® takes care of the customized construction of Turkish baths and facilities for your wellness center starting from your needs. The project will be completely customized and there will be endless possibilities to combine different designs, technologies and finishes.

Our prefabricated structures are easy to install and the material used, EPS, after a waterproofing treatment is already prepared for coating.

Thanks to an interlocking system, steam baths, ceilings and other similar structures can be assembled as easily as LEGO© bricks thanks to pre-installed plant engineering, such as:

  • Electric or water heating system for walls and benches.
  • Lighting fixtures such as LED, spotlight and optic fibres.
  • Air-steam intake and extraction.
  • Electronic and hydraulic components.

The EPS structures will leave you free to choose the finish that best suits your taste and needs.

Each structure is delivered only after having passed all internal quality checks and tests.