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There are interventions in which the use of “traditional” materials such as reinforced concrete or steel may not be the ideal answer in terms of costs, time and adaptability to the pre-existing situation, especially if the need for intervention arises close to the season seaside resort and the client is the prestigious Atlantico hotel in Jesolo (VE).

This is precisely the market niche that Preformati Italia ( aims at with innovative Pool in Pool technology developed by it, of which this realization is an example: one prefabricated EPS pool dedicated to children and mounted on a pre-existing swimming pool, without the need for any demolition work.
The small swimming pool, created in collaboration with Minetto Piscine (Jesolo) , consists of an entrance staircase with large shaped handrails. The interior of the structure develops on two levels: the outermost one, with a slight slope that ensures an easy and gradual entry into the water, and an innermost area, with a hexagonal plan, characterized by a greater depth and usable as a comfortable seat, ideal for relaxing moments.

Why EPS?
First of all, no traditional solution would have been feasible without costly demolition and filling works of the pre-existing tank. Even the construction of a reinforced concrete reservoir would have led to similar problems, thus affecting the costs and timing of construction. From the point of view of structural loads, we would like to underline how the swimming pool is positioned above the roof of the hotel car park and therefore how it cannot burden it with excessive loads: a requirement met thanks to the lightness ensured by the material. used.
Lastly, the EPS left the designer free from any shape constraint, allowing for example the creation of elements with a particular section such as the walls placed at the entrance to the tub.

LocationJesoloType of workRenovationMeasures6,5 x 4,1 x h. 0,8 mFinal coveringMosaicPartnerMinetto piscinaShare