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Imagine finding yourself “immersed” in the historic centre of Milan, on the terrace of a penthouse on the eighth floor overlooking the Duomo, away from prying eyes and the chaotic traffic of the city: it is not a dream, but the new and evocative realization of Preformati Italia. A swimming pool conceived and designed by Arch. A pool conceived and designed by the Architect Silvano Spagna of the homonymous architecture studio (, equipped with a small hydromassage area built entirely in EPS and covered with an elegant Bisazza™ mosaic.

In this project, the company had to respond efficiently to a series of constraints imposed by the client. The progress of construction work, for example, had to
take place quickly and without causing uneasiness to the people living in the apartments on the floors below. Also,
the reservoir had to be light in order not to burden the bearing structure of the building and the guarantee of a high degree of thermal insulation to contain the costs of heating and management was required (we remind you the EPS is an excellent thermal insulator). Finally, the realization costs had to be sure. To successfully respond to this series of constraints, the technical office of Preformati Italia has worked in synergy with the customer and the designer since the preliminary design and planning phases during which a scale model in EPS was built: this turned out to be enormous support in defining the details of the structure and the maximum measures in which the modules in EPS would be cut to facilitate the operations on construction site, that we remember had to take place on the eighth floor. It was also decided to operate, previously inserting on factory the techniques of the systems. The installation of the structures on site has been fast and quiet, thanks to the series of expedients studied during the design phase. On the pool, after its waterproofing, a leak test was successfully carried out. The final finishing stages could then be started.
Upon delivery of the structure the customer was amazed and fully satisfied with the work done having achieved all its goals. Preformati Italia’s team once again proved to be able to support and proactively advise the customer and the designer, by fielding the
characteristics of its DNA: Quality. Experience and Technical Innovation.

LocationMilanType of workbrand new projectMeasures9,2 x 4,8 x h. 0,95 mFinal coveringMosaicPartnerArch. Silvano SpagnaShare