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The projects we present are an example of a perfect integration between the world of luxury and wellness. Produced and installed by Preformati Italia on the fifth floor of a building located in one of the most exclusive areas of Milan, they want to be a reference in bringing well-being in private homes adding intrinsic economic value to the property.

The realization consists of a medium-sized hot tub located on the terrace level, the two-level platform that wraps the whirlpool and a generous-size Superior Pool installed directly on the roof of the house.
Coming out on the balcony, you are greeted by a small flight of stairs that invites us to enter the first tub. It is characterized by a unique fluid shape that encloses in its coves three comfortable hydro stations. The overflow, hidden under the edge, is elegant and creates a continuum with the platform that surrounds the reservoir. Ideal for a relaxing moment and an aperitif with friends, once inside you can admire on the open side the roofs of the historic Milan, and on the opposite side the magnificent pearl coating laid with extreme skill by the master mosaicists and characterized by evolved spiral geometries. It is on this waterfall wall that the Superior pool overflows the water creating a suggestive atmosphere for the guests of the pool located on the lower level. Going up a second flight of stairs you access to a large terrace on the roof of the apartment. Here the client wanted the installation of a second pool called “Superior” for its location and its generous extension of about 30 square meters for a depth, in the maximum point, of 150cm. The reservoir is equipped with many accessories such as an entrance staircase, hydromassage stations, counter-current swimming and detectors for accidental falls in the water. This series of options make the pool safe and ideal for sporty people looking for an escape moment from the daily routine of the city.

The Klimapool technique developed in more than 15 years of experience by the company team, has led the client to prefer Preformati Italia to other companies that adopt more traditional technologies. The use of high-density EPS as a raw material has allowed customizing the shapes of the two pools, which are not easy to reproduce with more traditional materials such as reinforced concrete, steel and fibreglass. In addition, the lightness of the material has led to easier handling on-site and a reduction in the weights that affect the load-bearing structure of the building. To the many properties derived from the use of EPS we also add a high degree of thermal insulation that, especially in the winter months, ensures a relevant energy saving. To conclude, the pre-installation of the systems directly in the company’s plants has significantly reduced the installation time.

This fantastic realization does not contain in itself a simple exercise in style, but a clear example of the possibility of bringing relaxation even in private homes, ensuring an improvement in the quality of life and property as well as a safe increase in the economic value of the building.

LocationMilanType of workRenovationMeasuresHot tub 2 x 2,5 x h. 1,1 m-Pool 5,5 x 4,6 x h. 1,8 mFinal coveringtiles and mosaicPartnerInternational CarattiShare