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The placement of the swimming pool on the penthouse of the Napura Art & Design Hotel implied, due to the structural loads resulting from the individual components of the tank, some issues that have been fully resolved through the use of Klimapool technology. In fact, to minimize weight, Klimapool EPS structures were used for the construction of all possible parts, including the hidden compartment housing the shutter cover, the compensation tank, and even the wide staircase of the outdoor walkway leading to the pool. The extremely low weight of the Klimapool structures, therefore, made it possible to concretize the project in its entirety, also streamlining the time required to complete the work: while on site work was going on with the renovation of the terrace, the preparation of large EPS modules, within which much of the plant engineering was also included, was started at the Preformati Italia headquarters.
The pool, therefore, began to take shape in the company in order to gain time-a hallmark, this, that strongly characterizes the work of Preformati Italia, which has always placed great importance on in-house production and pre-assembly.
Each module was brought up to the hotel’s penthouse by crane to then be placed on the slab, thus being able to proceed with making the connections of all the systems and their functional tests, finishing with the shaving and final finishing touches.

LocationSettequerce (BZ)Type of workSwimming pool on terraceMeasures13,5 x 7,7 x 0,75 mFinal coveringResinShare