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Boutique Hotel Stresa


Stresa, the “pearl” of Lake Maggiore, has welcomed Preformati Italia’s latest jewel, a lightweight, refined and efficient monoblock swimming pool in which luxury hotel guests can completely indulge in relaxation and wellness while enjoying breathtaking views.

A floating structure: due to technical requirements, the pool had to be built not only with a freestanding structure, but also lightweight, so as to minimize the load bearing on the attic. This is why EPS was chosen, especially Klimapool Floating, the latest jewel from Preformati Italia, designed and manufactured specifically to offer solutions suitable for furnishing terraces, panoramic spaces and environments with limited bearing capacity, combining the beauty of nature with the design of a water parterre. Klimapool Floating is the result of the latest innovation at Preformati Italia, stemming from 20 years of
projects made with new generation materials, and was born from the need to build swimming pools with low structural load.

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